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Our methodology allows us to build high quality solutions, adding project management experience to the solutions we build with out clients. We listen to you, analyze the project with your goals in mind and sharing with you in advance the development roadmap and points of decision.

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We think long-term. We are not just a technology provider but also a partner, working alongside organizations on their change and transformation projects.

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Our aim is to solve our clients’ problems by focusing on wide-spread implementation of best practices. We believe that small, talented and collaborative teams are the most effective way to develop software, whether working on an entire project or acting as the nucleus to a larger team. We achieve success through clear communication, supporting the decision making process, accepting responsibility for the success of the project and being highly productive and agile in the way we work.

We are partners of SensioLabs in Spain, which guarantees the best Symfony framework solutions. In addition, we have front-end and systems teams to give 360 support on your project.

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A SaaS solution for the election night live data

BeatVote is an Acilia solution that allows “up to the minute tracking of an electoral count”. Customizable to your website, we take care of the entire implementation cycle in SaaS mode and host and upload the content with minimal involvement from your technology teams. This product that draws on years of experience developing bespoke software for Acilia’s media sector, is now available to leading electoral services at an affordable cost.

The solution consists of customizable widgets that can be easily integrated by copying and pasting html code from one page to another. By customizing the colours, logos, analytics and advertising configured to its media, the operator is able to cover a large quantity of pages. These pages are then optimized and indexed in search engines as a way of capturing a large amount of traffic thanks to SEO strategies.

Learn more on the Beat.Vote website.

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The professional CMS that adapts to your business logic

WideStand is a modular, bespoke CMS solution developed by Acilia and based on the Symfony framework. It is a powerful, customizable management interface for any type of web application, whether editorial or commercial, with a variety of different functions adapted to the different roles that need to access the platform at any given time.

Unlike many other solutions, WideStand adapts to your business logic and not the other way around and is designed to meet the needs of each organization, from the media to NGOs, whether through video sites or transactional services.

It incorporates components for complete content management, including multimedia elements such as images, video and even audio or documents. We are able to achieve professional quality thanks to the latest advances in the processing of different types of elements that can be incorporated into WideStand.

WideStand relies on Twig and Webpack for management of templates and front-end elements effectively providing the system integrator with next-generation tools for user interface optimization and build.

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