A SaaS solution for the election night live data A SaaS solution for the election night live data

The excitement of live election night

Results and graphs for any province or municipality can be published in real time. Our systems are ready to handle large spikes in traffic during election night. Your users will enjoy the experience of being able to follow the results and live updates as they happen.

A SaaS solution for the election night live data

BeatVote is an Acilia solution that allows “up to the minute tracking of an electoral count”. Customizable to your website, we take care of the entire implementation cycle in SaaS mode and host and upload the content with minimal involvement from your technology teams. This product that draws on years of experience developing bespoke software for Acilia’s media sector, is now available to leading electoral services at an affordable cost.

The solution consists of customizable widgets that can be easily integrated by copying and pasting html code from one page to another. By customizing the colours, logos, analytics and advertising configured to its media, the operator is able to cover a large quantity of pages. These pages are then optimized and indexed in search engines as a way of capturing a large amount of traffic thanks to SEO strategies.

Learn more on the Beat.Vote website.

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