The professional CMS that adapts to your business logic The professional CMS that adapts to your business logic

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At Acilia, we have been gradually integrating WideStand into projects with multiple features. We have refined and perfected each component to achieve a robust solution that harnesses the latest technological advances available in the web community.

The professional CMS that adapts to your business logic

WideStand is a modular, bespoke CMS solution developed by Acilia and based on the Symfony framework. It is a powerful, customizable management interface for any type of web application, whether editorial or commercial, with a variety of different functions adapted to the different roles that need to access the platform at any given time.

Unlike many other solutions, WideStand adapts to your business logic and not the other way around and is designed to meet the needs of each organization, from the media to NGOs, whether through video sites or transactional services.

It incorporates components for complete content management, including multimedia elements such as images, video and even audio or documents. We are able to achieve professional quality thanks to the latest advances in the processing of different types of elements that can be incorporated into WideStand.

WideStand relies on Twig and Webpack for management of templates and front-end elements effectively providing the system integrator with next-generation tools for user interface optimization and build.

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